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What is Linux?

What is Linux?

Linux is a computer operating system like Microsoft Windows. Linux is a part of a world-wide volunteer effort known as "free and open source software." Linux runs on all major computer hardware platforms, including desktops. BCE is happy to promote Linux as it has enhanced our computer empowerment efforts considerably and represents a healthy direction for computing generally.

With Linux BCE is able to provide participants a fully functioning and user-friendly computer system without the substantial added cost of an operating system like Windows. Additionally, Linux systems are not likely to become infected with a computer virus, unlike Windows. Computer virus issues can spoil a new computer user's learning experience and take considerable effort to be resolved.

The Linux operating system is also designed in a way that greatly facilitates computer education and empowerment. A Linux user can come to understand the fundamentals of the software and tailor his or her system in a way that is pleasing and effective. A very wide range of free Linux programs are available to ensure that the user is getting the most from the machine.

We at BCE urge you to explore Linux and see what the free software world has to offer. You will be glad you did.

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