Computers Help Us Realize Our Dreams!

Blacksburg Computer Empowerment helps mentally challenged individuals acquire computer hardware and facilitates their personal empowerment as they gain the skills needed to communicate with others and to find critical information via the internet.

Testimonial by Mike Reid: Before I was introduced to who is now my good friend Marc Cowgill, I had little understandings about what is inside a computer case. This is only one of the many, many facets of what empowerment has done for me (fixing PC's)

Empowerment to me is like a tree that comes from it many branches. Every empowerment session worked like a fertilizer to nurture the inner confidence and enthusiasm within myself and for me to independently choose and become aware of new opportunities. Technology is awesome when its considered in this kind of system! I wish there were more positive programs like this going on with technology.

Mental people (and the public in general) are not robots, and this empowerment model helped me to push my creative limits, rather than being narrowly limited to a stern hope to gain employment. I feel I have something to look forward to, even though I can't hold down a conventional job. I can honestly say this has been an ongoing process of fascination and something that transcends a passing fad or interest. If you're like me the effects this can have on you are real and lasting! Join the ranks!! :)

PS-Not only does this foster new opportunities but also enhances previous interests and new ways to use them with computers. I like to make music and computer empowerment has helped me use free software to do things I didn't even know was available. Thats what its about its like going on a modern exploration or voyage without feeling like you're going without a map or all alone. Even if the map is missing, its full of unseen excitement. Dreams can come true!


It has been such a joy to make dreams true for BCE computer empowerment participants over the last six years, and I'm thrilled that our organization has obtained 501(c)3 status and can apply for grants that will enable us to hire staff for the first time. There are so many wonderful mental people in our area who need computer empowerment and what our organization can provide, and it will be such a fun and rewarding journey to bring computer empowerment to them like never before. Computer mice will be clicking in excitement at the prospect of reaching so many more people and spreading our mission throughout the New River Valley of Virginia. If our group sounds like one you'd like to be a part of, please email me via our contact form and let's talk about the possibilities! Thank you, Marc Cowgill, Executive Director.